Anonymous Proxy Servers?

Now you can change your IP address without the risk of using anonymous proxies

Want to change your IP address with a proxy server?

A proxy server relays traffic between you and the websites you visit. If the proxy is "anonymous", then websites only see the IP address of the proxy server, and not yours. Therefore, a proxy server can be a great way to change your IP address for online privacy, entrepreneurial, or travel purposes.

anonymous proxy servers

But there are major PROBLEMS with "public" proxy servers:

  1. They're usually detectable, often blacklisted, and likely to draw webmaster attention.
  2. They're often setup by criminals, hackers, and police to intercept your communications.
  3. They're rarely SSL-enabled (so passwords, financial info, and free speech are all at risk).
  4. They're often used by criminals/fraudsters, and sharing that IP may put you at legal risk.
  5. They're VERY difficult to find. If you do find one that works, beware of problem #2.

The SOLUTIONS for changing your IP address:

  1. First option: Use a private proxy provider. Private proxies are password protected and not open to public abuse like public proxies. They're faster, more reliable, and SSL-enabled (so online surfing is much safer). A good example of a private proxy service is
  2. Second option: Setup your own proxy server. Operating your own anonymous proxy has the added benefit of not sharing IP's with anyone -- so surfing speed is extremely fast, there are no worries about your activities being monitored, and your IP will never be banned because of someone else's abuse. The only big drawback is that you'll have to pay about $10 per month for a special web hosting account. But if you're trying to change your IP for business/income purposes, this may be the best money you'll ever spend.

Whereas public (free) proxies are typically used by fraudsters, hackers, and criminal types, the two options above are popular with:

  • Entrpreneurs
  • Legitimate businesses
  • Traveling professionals
  • Online marketers
  • Serious gamers

FAQ's about operating your own proxy:

  • Will my personal proxy be "anonymous"? Yes, it will be "highly anonymous", "elite", all that stuff - as good as it gets!
  • Can I share my proxy with friends/employees? Yes, you can share the proxy password with whoever you want, or keep it just for yourself.
  • Will people know I'm using a private proxy server? While public proxies are often blacklisted and detectable, your private proxy IP address will appear just like any other IP address.
  • Can my IP address be in a different country? Yes, it can be in just about any country you want. Popular choices include US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, and others.
  • How many IP's can I get? Typically a proxy-capable hosting account will come with 1-2 IP's, and you'll pay $1 for each additional IP. But this varies from host to host.
  • Will it work on ""? Yes. You're basically setting up a new IP address for yourself - so as long as you don't do anything to get your new IP address blocked, then it will work.
  • Can I use it from a cafe / work / or school? Yes, you can use the proxy IP address from anywhere, and on any type of connection -- wireless, cable, DSL, dialup, etc.
  • Will it work on my Mac/PC? Yes, it will work with any operating system, and on just about any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc).

Who uses private proxy servers?

Some common users include:

  • A person who found that his/her IP address had been incorrectly banned by a website.
  • A traveler who needs to access his/her online banking which blocks foreign IP's.
  • A soldier relocated overseas who wishes to watch his/her home country's TV online.
  • A company that needs overseas employees to appear as if they are located domestically.
  • A student that wishes to access websites that are blocked by his/her school.
  • A marketer who wants to review his advertising campaigns as they appear worldwide.
  • Any person wishing to post on forums/classifieds without displaying their IP address.

The list goes on and on. My interest in private proxies began when a website that I had never visited was blocking my IP address for "abuse". This was on a dynamic IP address (AOL), so obviously I was being blocked because of someone else's actions. Since then, I've become a proxy server expert, and now enjoy helping others setup their own systems.

Ready to setup your private proxy server?

The only other hurdle to operating your own proxy is the time and knowledge required for setup. My first installation took me 5 days (and significant background knowledge). But having now setup dozens of anonymous proxy servers for personal/professional use, I can perform an installation in about 45 minutes.

To save you a bunch of grief, I will personally perform the entire setup of your private proxy server for you! Since I specialize in assisting small/private users, you won't have to deal with any of the complex issues or expenses that would be involved with hiring a professional systems administrator and programmer.

Get Your Private Proxy Server Now!

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED:  If your setup does not work exactly the way you want, you can either 1) have me fix it for you within 24 hours, or 2) just get a full refund.

PRICE:  $27.00  (one time fee)

IMPORTANT NOTE #1:  My fee (installation / consultation) does not include the fees you'll need to pay for web hosting. The hosting has nothing to do with me -- you can select from any of hundreds of providers, and expect to pay around $10/month for that.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2:  Please use the information on this site responsibly. Proxies are great for changing your IP address, increasing privacy, and a ton of entrepreneurial/travel uses. However, they DO NOT prevent law enforcement from tracking illegal activity. DO NOT make this purchase if your intentions are illegal. Please read the complete terms of use before continuing.

All transactions are processed securely by to ensure that your financial details are kept safe. Not even I will see your credit card account number.

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